NEWSLETTER: June 20, 2017

June 20, 2017

Last week Members of Congress, their staff, and Capitol Hill Police were attacked while practicing for a charity baseball game. Please join me in continuing to pray for the recovery of Congressman Steve Scalise, Matt Mika, Zach Barth, and Capitol Police Special Agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner. 

All those who serve in our nation's Capitol and the thousands of Americans who visit each day are incredibly fortunate for the service and sacrifice of our Capitol Police.  Like police across the country, they regularly run toward danger so that we may be safe.  Without Officers Bailey and Griner, the outcome of last Wednesday's attack would have been much worse.  Their selfless actions demonstrate service in its truest form.

As we reflect on last weeks' events, and move forward, we must remember that our words have consequences.  We may passionately disagree about issues of policy, but we must remember that we pledge allegiance to one flag.  We are one nation.  Please join me in praying for the healing of the injured and our nation.

I was proud to attend the Annual Congressional Charity Baseball game with my D.C. staff. Our white ribbons are in honor of those who were wounded at Wednesday morning's practice. 

Workforce Week

Last week, President Trump held "Workforce Week," I'd like to share some of my efforts to improve education for all students.  As a Member of the Education and the Workforce Committee, it is one of my top priorities in Congress to ensure America's students have access to educational programs that meet their individual needs.  I recently introduced the College Transparency Act to enable students and families to make more informed choices in post-secondary education. 

Click here to learn more about my bill, the College Transparency Act.

STEM education is becoming increasingly important in our modern world.  Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to tour the Romeo Engineering and Technology Center.  I was able to stop by a few classes and got to check out the incredible work the robotics team has done this year.  It was exciting to see that Romeo students are on the cutting edge of 21st century technology. 

I majored in Public Policy and Economics at Michigan State, so I was eager to share my excitement about economics with Capac High School's Economics and History classes. Afterward, I spent some time with the 8th grade, answering their questions about what's going on in Washington. I am always excited to see the next generation interested in our government! 

Some incredible young people from MI-10

Emily is a sixth grader and Michael is a first grader in Macomb. Each year they hold Emily and Michael's Happy Day Lemonade to raise money for the Homeless Education Project, which provides school supplies and clothes for homeless students in the Macomb area. They've already raised over $8,200 this year. Emily and Michael have selflessly put others' needs before their own, and I am proud to recognize them as role models for the community. Click here to watch the video.


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