A Message from Congressman Paul Mitchell

October 23, 2018

In today’s day and age, American politics is rife with distractions.

Scandalous headlines and salacious allegations dominate the news cycle, while substantive discussions of public policy take a backseat. Drama-driven political debate is not concerned with economic growth or small business expansion or job creation, when in fact they’re all intimately connected to our financial well-being.

It’s up to Congress to keep our eyes on the ball. That’s why House Republicans are focused on issues that not only resonate with the overwhelming majority of working Americans, but also impact their everyday lives.

Last month, we passed a second round of tax relief, making many of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s reforms permanent. As it stands now, last year’s individual and small-business tax cuts would expire in 2025, but our efforts would keep after-tax income gains in place for decades.

Another Republican proposal—which now awaits Senate approval—would create a “universal savings account” for working families, who could more easily withdraw tax-free earnings for everyday use. Whether it’s paying off student debt or investing in future education, American workers need more financial flexibility—and we are determined to provide it.

The status quo is untenable. Well over 60 percent of Americans simply cannot afford to pay off an unexpected $1,000 expense.

That’s part of the reason why I voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year. Since the 1980s, American taxpayers had been faced with excessively high rates and a tax code that was more complicated than convenient. We changed that, by decreasing rates across the board, increasing deductions for individuals and business alike, and simplifying the tax system for more straightforward filing.

We’ve seen positive results since then. To date, more than 730 U.S. employers—from large corporations to sole proprietorships—have taken advantage of their savings to reward employers and job-seekers. These job creators are dishing out pay raises and bonuses in record numbers, while making long-overdue investments in business expansion—investments that could not be made under the previous tax code.

This doesn’t just help the one percent, as Democrats love to claim. The overwhelming majority of working Americans (90 percent) have been rewarded with greater take-home pay because of federal tax cuts. When you have more money in your pocket, the possibilities are endless.

And we’re not stopping there. Tax relief should not be a fleeting phenomenon, but rather a staple of American life. Permanent tax cuts are the solution.

For decades, the Republican Party has dedicated itself to free-market economics, unleashing the private enterprise that creates millions of jobs and powers the U.S. economy. We strive to make it easier for working Americans to get a leg up, to climb the career ladder and find success in professional life.

That mission is more important now than ever. Only by helping employers can we truly help employees—and the families who depend on them.

That means cutting taxes, slashing regulations, and making the United States the best place in the world to do business.

Paul Mitchell
Member of Congress