Congressman Mitchell Statement on China Strategy Report

May 22, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Paul Mitchell (MI-10) released the following statement on the United States Strategic Approach to the People's Republic of China report recently released by the White House. This report was required by the FY2019 National Defense Authorization Act. 


“I welcome the Trump Administration’s release of its whole-of-government strategy to address the People’s Republic of China. Recognizing the threats posed by China, Congress called for this report in its FY19 National Defense Authorization Act. China poses not only a military threat to the United States and our allies in the Indo-Pacific and across the globe, but its activities also impact economic freedom, human rights, and the foundations of the rules-based international order.


The U.S. must have strong coordination among all federal agencies to counteract the malign influence of China and preserve an international environment that favors all nations, not the powerful few. This report creates a framework for Congress and the executive branch to achieve that goal.”


To read the report, click here.