Congressman Mitchell Statement on the Senate Impeachment Trial

February 4, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Paul Mitchell (MI-10) released the following statement on the Senate’s impeachment trial of President Trump:


“From the outset of this process, I have called for a clear examination of the facts and evidence to determine if President Trump’s actions constitute an impeachable offense as outlined in our Constitution. After hearing from numerous witnesses during the House proceedings and listening to the Democratic impeachment managers present their case to the Senate, I stand by my assessment that the President’s actions, while inappropriate, were not sufficient grounds for impeachment and removal from office.


Our founders intentionally set a high bar for impeachment to safeguard it from becoming a political weapon. They had the foresight to see this safety valve might one day be used in a partisan manner, which is why the Constitution requires a 2/3 vote of the Senate to convict and remove a duly elected president.


I look forward to putting this divisive impeachment process behind us and getting back to the work of the American people.”


To see Congressman Mitchell’s remarks during the House consideration of the Articles of Impeachment, click here.