Congressman Paul Mitchell Votes No on Both Articles of Impeachment

December 18, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Paul Mitchell (MI-10) released the following statement this afternoon after voting against both Articles of Impeachment:


“Alexander Hamilton’s fears have been realized, and impeachment has become weaponized. I do not believe President Trump’s actions constitute high crimes and misdemeanors and therefore voted against both Articles of Impeachment.”


Congressman Mitchell spoke on the House floor during debate on the Articles of Impeachment. Click here or above to watch his remarks. 

(Remarks as prepared)

“Today the House of Representatives votes on two Articles of Impeachment for President Trump.


Members, and all Americans, must recognize that impeachment was intended to be a safety valve, rarely used only when a President acts in such an immoral and blatantly unlawful manner as to threaten the basis of our Republic.


As we cast votes on these Articles, the future tone of this House and politics in this nation must be carefully considered.


The issue is not whether we agree with the rhetoric of the President, his political tactics, his use of Twitter, his policy choices, or his political rallies.


One of our Founders, Alexander Hamilton, warned of the risks of impeachment becoming a partisan act in the Federalist Papers.


This impeachment inquiry and these Articles clearly have not heeded this warning. 


These proceedings are weaponizing impeachment, making it simply another election tool.


I have deliberately examined the evidence presented throughout this inquiry, and used as a guide our nation’s history and our founding documents. My decision is not guided by my party affiliation.


I do not believe President Trump’s actions, as described in these Articles, constitute high crimes and misdemeanors. I will be voting NO on both Articles of Impeachment.”