ICYMI: The College Transparency Act of 2017

May 31, 2017
Press Release

In case you missed it: Rep. Mitchell introduced the College Transparency Act (H.R. 2434), which would enable students and families to make more informed choices about education after high school.   The College Transparency Act will provide information for students and families as they consider higher education opportunities by reporting on student outcomes like enrollment, completion, and post-college success across colleges and majors, all while ensuring the privacy of individual students is securely protected.

Upon introduction of H.R. 2434, Representative Mitchell said,

“As a father of six, I am all too familiar with the struggle that comes with the college decision-making process for prospective students and their families.  Choosing whether to go to college, and how to pay for it, is one of the most important and costly decisions in a young person's life, made more difficult by all the uncertainties involved.

Currently, you can find more information about a washing machine you're thinking of buying than you can find about an educational major at a college or university.  Most people say they choose to go to college to start a career.  Yet, they don’t have answers to basic questions like: How likely are they to graduate? How long will it take to complete their degree?  How likely are they to find a job? How much will they earn?  As a parent, I know this information will be helpful. That's why I introduced the College Transparency Act, to help families make more informed college decisions.”

Watch Rep. Mitchell’s remarks here.

Learn more about the College Transparency Act here.