Mitchell Amendment for Fiscal Responsibility

July 26, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Representative Paul Mitchell (MI-10) today introduced an amendment that would cut 10 percent administrative expenses of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Works, Department of the Interior, Department of Energy and US Army Corps of Engineers.  These savings would be used to reduce the deficit.  After debate, Representative Mitchell issued the following statement:

“Our nation faces a dire fiscal situation.  Paying lip service to the problem will not solve it. We must be responsible now, before it is too late.  I come from the world of private business, so I understand that fiscal responsibility starts on a small scale.  My amendment, when combined with measures like it, could yield big savings for taxpayers, and does so without cutting defense or essential programs.  Though my amendment was not adopted, it sends a message to Washington that we must be financially prudent on measures large and small, and reduce the size of our overactive federal bureaucracy.  I plan to continue to search for ways to cut spending and improve efficiency of taxpayer dollars,” said Representative Mitchell.

Listen to Representative Mitchell’s remarks during debate here.