Mitchell Amendment to Stop Delays of Brandon Road Study Release

July 27, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Last night, Representative Paul Mitchell (MI-10) introduced an amendment that would stop the Army Corps of Engineers from using funds to further delay the release of the Brandon Road Study.  Despite gaining multi-state, bipartisan support, the amendment was not adopted.  After debate, Representative Mitchell issued the following statement:

“The window is quickly closing to prevent the damage Asian-carp would cause to the Great Lakes ecosystem.  For several months, members of the Great Lakes Task Force have requested the release of the Brandon Road Study, to no avail.  Delaying this studying impedes our ability to develop a long-term strategy to thwart the threat posed by Asian carp.  With this amendment, I am once again calling on the Army Corps to release the study.  While this particular measure was not adopted, I am pleased to have the support of my colleagues, both in Michigan, and beyond.  I will continue to advocate for the release of the Brandon Road Study and a solution to the threat posed by Asian carp,” said Representative Mitchell.

Listen to Representative Mitchell’s remarks during debate here.