Mitchell To Vote Against H.Res.660

October 31, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Paul Mitchell (MI-10) released the following statement this morning before voting on H.Res.660:


“Nancy Pelosi’s ‘impeachment inquiry’ has not been transparent, which means the American people, and a majority of members of Congress that represent them, have been forced to rely on written opening statements, selective leaks, and media hearsay. The resolution we will vote on today is too little, too late, and allows a tainted process to continue without guaranteeing members of Congress full access to interview transcripts, affording the minority equal rights to call witnesses, or providing the Administration with full due process rights. Congress should be focusing on addressing the needs of Americans like fixing prescription drug pricing, ratifying the USMCA, repairing our nation’s infrastructure, and more,” said Mitchell.


Yesterday, Congressman Mitchell joined the other Republican members of the Michigan delegation in a letter to Speaker Pelosi urging increased transparency and due process.