Senate Needs to Do Its Job and Pass Funding Bill

January 19, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Representative Mitchell released the following statement about the ongoing funding debate in Congress:

“We find ourselves at the edge of a government shutdown for one reason and one reason only: Senate Democrats do not want to do their job and support a bill that will keep the government open. The House of Representatives did the hard work to pass a funding bill that also fully extends the Children’s Health Insurance Program, provides for our troops and keeps us safe, as well as delays harmful Obamacare taxes that both parties have historically opposed.

Continuing resolutions are always far from ideal because of the uncertainty they create, but the alternative is much worse because the problems associated with short-term spending bills are only amplified during a shutdown. I am not willing to shut down our government to make a political point and I am astonished that some in the Senate are considering doing exactly that. I supported the funding bill yesterday and I implore all Senators to do the same.” said Representative Paul Mitchell. 

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